Giving just as much importance to the lyrics as to their music, DarwiN develops themes that revolve around the human condition, the place and the responsibility of the individual drowned in the masses. The band's name is not entirely innocent either. Darwin, the English anthropologist of the 19th century is still controversial today and was long considered the symbol of erethism.


The 5 musicians take the side of the counter-current by affirming, like Desproges, that the more people there are , the more intelligence is divided, and what we take as a guarantee of evolution, would be in fact only a step towards decline and not the growth of Man. Hence the very significant logo, representing A monkey which seems to tell us that We are failing, not only taking steps backwards but truly regressing.


Loss of values, "human" codes in the positive sense of "humanity".


So many topics of revolt to express that stick to the philosophy of the original Punk movement, namely: to destroy all this to better rebuild. To believe that Chaos is the obligatory and saving passage of the human race. All of this is expressed musically, but is also expressed through the more visual artists who intervene, and colourful scenic performances in order to party and have fun both on albums and on stage.


With dozens of concerts since 2011 (+ 150 dates) across France and Europe, it is without compromise that They continue to tour, finding here and there an even wider echo of their punk music with metal accents . A single watchword of the Breton group: Wake Up!




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