The first material of the band entitled sinus released in 2002. The material served promotional purposes and soon the band got a chance to introduce the album on a club tour, performing in Germany, Netherlands and in Belgium.

In 2004 with the new album called transistor, they have established a style which was next to impossible to find in Hungary back then. It’s called experimental noiserock. Besides important Hungarian club concerts and festivals, they went on a tour with the Transistor album to Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Italy and Romania. The strength of the band is their stage presence. Their concerts sound with elemental strength, showing the extremes of moods. The unique visual show makes it even more effective. SzerediCs uses analog projectors to bring a pictural world of withered images to life using archive documentary reels.


In the autumn of 2007, their third material, microtron was released. It was very well received by the critics and the audience as well. Pozvakowski was nominated for „Hangsúly Metal Award 2007” in 2 categories (the live performance of the year and the album of the year). The material follows the way they have started. The extremes of moods open the musical spectrum even wider. The sound of the album is clearer and the music structures are more conscious in the style that cannot be mixed up with anything else. The microtron was also introduced on a European tour in German, Dutch, Slovenian and Italian clubs. After that they showed up several times in Serbia and also played in Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.


In February 2010 they have released a limited 7" vinyl, the harbinger of their forthcoming new material called zx.wtt.010 which included a selection of noisy electronic remixes from the previous album. The band's next studio album sevenpeopleleft, released in 2012, is an effort to make even less musical compromises. The autumn of 2013 they went on tour to make a noisy round on the Balkans including Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Romania.


June, 2014. Summer tour in Europe, 16 days and played in Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Slovenia.


2016 spring - New studio record called iterum is out, the album is a conceptual work about the tribute to the perseverance and the superhuman performance. They went on tour with the Iterum album to Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Serbia and was introduced in Hungary as well.


December,2017 released a new album called microdrone.17. This record was made for the 10th anniversary of their 2007 studio album Microtron and it contains a single 41 minute experimental track including most of the main themes of the original songs in some minimized or re-structured form.



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